Tate Henshaw

Senior Account Manager

As the project management supervisor, Tate is in charge of “all things complicated”, whether that be assisting with software implementation, client communication, or changing the water cooler. Growing up as an athlete, Tate changed his focus to music during his college days at the University of Georgia. At that time he became involved in the UGA Music Business Program, which, in turn, led him to Polay + Clark. Degrees in Math and Finance come in handy for problem solving and forward thinking on a client-by-client and firm-level basis. As a member of the Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC), Tate is able to directly affect the Xero product development roadmap and use those advantages for the betterment of Polay+Clark and their clients. When he isn’t slaving over macro-enabled spreadsheets, Tate enjoys playing the guitar and tea parties with his daughters.